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Shirtbox T-shirts – Awesome Funny Birthday T-shirts And A Whole Lot More

Shirtbox is a new shirt site for me, but I was pretty impressed when I first visited. Some funny t-shirts in different categories, but I really like their birthday t-shirts and science t-shirts. In this funny t-shirt review I will be talking about everything Shirtbox has to offer, types of t-shirts they print on, other products they print on and my overall impression of what they have to offer. I’m guessing this site is owned and ran by two guys named Tim and Ted. I have seen many references to both of them but haven’t seen any kind of about page or anything like that.

The very first thing I noticed when you go to is that is says “It looks you’re in United States. Redirect to US Store?”. I of course selected Yes, Please. I’m sure this has to do with shipping, contact info (I noticed the phone numbers are different between the 2 sites). I also noticed a banner at the top of the U.S. store and the UK store with Free Shipping when you buy 2 items, the 3rd is free. They are worded differently, but the same idea seems to apply.

When entering the site for the first time, a “Spin The Wheel” pop up appears and says “SPIN THE WHEEL AND WIN AMAZING DISCOUNTS” appears. You are guaranteed to win something. I found this is basically an email sign up form. I did get 10% off, but you have to sign up with your email. This is a pretty standard practice, just kind of a fun way to get people to sign up I guess. Note: Whenever you sign up for something like this, there will be an “Unsubscribe” link in any emails you get, so getting something like 10% off t-shirts or whatever is worth it in my opinion.

What Type Or Style Of Shirts Do They Offer?

For The Guys: I went right to Our Products / For The Guys to see what they had that would interest me. They had t-shirts, long sleeved t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. I will get into categories of shirts below in another paragraph, I want to specifically get in to types / brands or shirts here.

Funny Guys T-shirts, Sweatshirts & Hoodies

  • A funny guys t-shirt: It’s a heavyweight t-shirt made with 100% ring spun cotton and any ink or design is eco-friendly ink. The shirts are double stitched. I saw sizes from small – 5x-large. That was about all the info I could get on the shirt. No brand name or anything like that and you don’t have a choice of different styles or anything like that. There are a lot of colors to choose from.
  • Long sleeved funny t-shirts: Choose and browse from Shirtbox’s premium heavyweight (190gsm) Long Sleeved T-shirts for men, made with 100% Ringspun Cotton, giving you a superior long-lasting quality print. I saw these long sleeve funny t-shirts come in sizes small – XX-Large. 8 colors to choose from.
  • Men’s sweatshirts: It states that these sweatshirts are suitable for both men and women (I would have to assume the t-shirts are the same). Says they are twin stitched for a thing and comfortable feel and they have a unique printing process. That’s about it. Also, no brand name. These days that seems to be the norm in the t-shirt world.
  • Men’s funny hoodies: Pretty much the same as the sweatshirts, they are suitable for both men and women. Twin stitched and the same unique printing process.

It appears to me that these are unbranded shirts that they use for their printing. They are most likely a name brand shirt by someone like Gildan, etc… just without the tags. That is a pretty popular thing to do with shirt companies these days.

News Flash: I contacted Shirtbox and asked what type of shirts they use for their men’s tees. Guildan softstyle was their reply. That’s a pretty good shirt and very comfortable. I definitely would be happy with that.

Funny Girls T-shirts, Vests, Sweatshirts & Hoodies

  • A funny girls t-shirt: This is a premium quality t-shirt for women. All shirts are made with 100% ring spun cotton and are slim fit for women. All of their ladies t-shirts are printed with eco-friendly ink just like the guys shirts. I saw sizes from small – XX-large and 10 different color choices.
  • Women’s vests: This kind of threw me off when I first saw the word “vest”. I would call this some kind of tank top or something, not a vest. You will be able to see a pic and probably think the same thing. They are 100% cotton that is pre-shrunk. Jersey knit with a fit specifically made for the ladies. Sizes small – XX-large and 5 different color choices.
  • Ladies sweatshirts and funny hoodies: These are the exact same as the guys sweatshirts and hoodies. All have funny saying and or images and are unisex.

They do also offer kids t-shirts and hoodies and they are the same brand as talked about above with the same materials and printing process. The kids t-shirts don’t really come in sizes but more like age groups (i.e. 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, etc…). It does list a chest size so you can measure if you think you need to. I don’t know, maybe you have a really odd sized kid lol.

The kids hoodies actually come in sizes X-small thru X-large. They do have a sizing guide if needed.

How To Navigate To Find The Funny T-shirt You Want

Funny T-shirt Search Box: If you know what you want or exactly what you are looking for, they have a convenient search box that says “What are you looking for?” right at the top of every page.


Our Products: All of your products in one spot i.e. men’s, women’s, kids, etc… If you are there to spend some time looking at all the funny t-shirts and you want say look at all the guys t-shirts, then go to Our Products – For The Guys – Men’s T-shirts. That will show you every thing they have. But…………it’s gonna take you awhile. There are 48 t-shirts on a page and 26 pages of them. I’m sure you can do the math lol. There is a drop down menu however where you can select from Featured, Best Selling, Alphabetically, Highest to the lowest price and vice versa and Newest to Oldest and vice versa.

The Our Products is where you go to see men’s, women’s and kids t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc… They also have other items like mugs, aprons, tote bags, and stuff like that listed here.

Our Collections: When you go to “Our Collections”, that is where it gets interesting. When clicked, you have the following 5 categories and here is what you can find under them:

  • Top Of The Box: I think this means the best or their favorite or something. I’m not familiar with that term. Must be my Midwest background. But under this they have the following 4 categories: Best Sellers, Our Designers Favorites, Tims’s Favorites, Ted’s Favorites and Newest Editions. This kind of says it all and may be worth checking out. I have a feeling most of their favorites are popular funny t-shirts. I really don’t know those guys lol, so their favorite t-shirt doesn’t help me.
  • Express Yourself: This is the 2nd category and under it they have A Slogan A day which is just basically different funny slogans and or random funny images.
  • Whatever You’re Into: This is the 3rd category and under it they have Evolution of Man which is basically that graphic you have seen of the “Evolution of Man” image with the 5 instances from chimp to finally man. This also has the same idea with different things like video game controllers, legos, etc… Some pretty funny t-shirts here that include hunters, bands, fishermen, golfers and some funny evolution parodies. Definitely worth checking out.
  • For The Geeks: This is pretty self-explanatory, but there are 4 categories under here and that includes We Flippin’ Love Science which you guessed it has funny science t-shirts like shirts from the Periodic table, etc… Gamin On Ya category which are obviously funny video game t-shirts. Anime Lovers with some really funny Anime t-shirts with some great slogans and graphics. And last but not least, Cute Overload category with some funny cat and puppy t-shirts.
  • For The Kids: And the last category under the “Our Collections” category is obviously for the kids. Basically your way to navigate to funny kids t-shirts and kids hoodies which you can also do in “Our Products”.

T-shirt Selfies: I pretty much new what this was going to be before I even clicked on it. This is basically just pictures of people that bought a funny t-shirt from Shirtbox and took a selfie and sent it in. Send one in and they will send you a 50% off voucher for your next purchase form them. I don’t know if this is for one shirt or the whole order, but 50% is 50%! They don’t say how to send them in, but I would guess that it would be by emailing them (which is listed at the bottom of their site) or using their social media like Facebook or Instagram which is in the same place.

Be aware: Uploaded images may be used online from time to time for promotional purposes in line with our terms and conditions

My Favorite 2 Funny T-shirt Categories From Shirtbox

When you open up and are taken to their front page, there is a log going on. At the time of this article they have a big banner towards the top promoting their funny Halloween t-shirts. That’s to be expected and you can find that on most funny t-shirt sites this time of year. Scroll down and you get to a section named “This Weeks Hottest Shirts” which I assume is the most popular funny t-shirts sold over the last week. That will contain 4 shirts of and some of them may or may not be on sale.

After that is one of my favorite categories “They Don’t make Em Like They Used To” Funny birthday t-shirts. Technically it doesn’t need to be your birthday for one of these shirts, just the year you were born. There are a lot of shirts there and I would imagine they have every year for the past 60, 70, 80 or more years listed there. They also have some funny “play on word” or graphic birthday shirts. They have one with the number 59 + (graphic of the middle finger) which is a great 60th birthday t-shirt. A Wreaking Havoc Since (Fill in the blank) t-shirt, and some video game / birthday shirts such as “Level 20 Unlocked with a game controller on it. If you know someone’s birthday coming up, be sure to check them out!

Right after the Birthday shirts are the “You Matter” Science Tees. I’m kind of a science geek, so I love these. When you go into this section, it shows funny science related t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, pillows, and everything else you could print on. I really love the funny science pillows for your couch. From the Periodic table to only something an Astro Physicist geek would love, you will love all these shirts. Doesn’t matter if you are a guy or girl, they have something for every geek under the sun.

Shirtbox With The Win For Birthday, Science Tees & A Lot More

I did say those were my two favorite categories, but when you go on the site you will see they have so much more to offer. Luckily before I finished writing this article I was contacted by someone from Shirtbox (Not sure if it was Tim or Ted) and they informed me that their t-shirts are printed on Guildan softstyle shirts and I was pretty pleased to hear that.

Shirtbox does have a no hassle return policy which lasts 30 days from receipt of an item. Just shoot them an email with your order number and make sure it’s in its original conditions. Don’t send them back a shirt with a big chocolate pudding stain on the front. Don’t think that will cut it.

Warranty: All items are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months unless otherwise stated. If your item does happen to go faulty in this time please get in touch for a swift resolution. All goods sold comply with current legislation.

I definitely recommend their t-shirts. They have some funny images and sayings as I said, their funny birthday and science t-shirts rock!

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