What Your Funny T-shirt Says About You

What Your Funny T-shirt Says About You

The funny t-shirt is a nationwide phenomenon that allows the wearer to show the world who they really are and what they really think, contrary to what you, the viewer of the t-shirt, may believe.

Funny T-shirts Are Here To Stay

This trend has taken the nation by storm and can be seen on infants and senior citizens alike. The humble beginnings of the funny t-shirt started somewhere in some tacky souvenir stand. Kids eager for a treat from grandma and grandpa’s cross-country trip received, to their dismay, a “My grandparents went to the Grand Canyon and all I got was this stupid T-shirt” T-shirt.

Long gone are the days when you could write off a mousy, coke bottle glasses-wearing girl as a geek, assuming that she spends her every waking minute in the
library. She is fighting back, and in addition to her book smarts, she proudly states on her T-shirt that she is a “Cutie Wit a Booty.” How would you know that the shy, quiet girl from your dorm likes to “Get Crunk,” if it wasn’t on her T-shirt? You never would have thought that the Urkel-esque guy in the computer lab was “Pimpin” if he didn’t sport it across his muscle-less chest.

Along with showing people your true colors, t-shirts can show your true intentions. You went out with him a few times (nothing too fancy) and he seemed nice and down to earth; however, on your third date he let his true feelings be known by wearing his T-shirt of choice, the famous “I Love Strippers” t-shirt.

Adhere To Funny Warnings!

T-shirts also contain warnings that should be heeded by the reader. For instance, on move in day, you walk into your new room and you find your new roommate in a “Your boyfriend likes me better” t-shirt. You may find it cute and bold, but a girl bold enough to wear that in public is also bold enough to make a move on your man. Same goes for the “Your boyfriend thinks I’m hot” t-shirt-wearing girl, and guys should beware of females sporting “My boyfriends out of town.” Also, steer clear of any enraged post-breakup females wearing a t-shirt along the lines of “Dump him,” “Ditch him,” “I gave him the boot” or “Over him.” Read her lips, or in this case, her shirt, and keep it moving.

T-shirts have taken self-promotion to new heights; we thought it was crazy when Paris Hilton wore t-shirts emblazoned with her face and her overused slogan “That’s Hot.”

However, self-promotion is not just for the rich and famous. Regular people can now tell the world “Brunettes do it Better” or “The Man, The Legend.”

T-shirts Are Simplistic But Effective

In an era of high-tech communication, the t-shirt is a throwback to the days of simplicity. They are the snail mail of fashion. No matter what you are, say or
feel there is a t-shirt out there for you.

They are endless means of self-expression, but buyers beware because in the age of double entendres, word association and different interpretations, you
might be sending the wrong message. Sure that “Naughty” t-shirt looked cute in the store, but strut across campus with it and it sends a completely different message.

When All Else Fails, Go With What You Love To Wear Best

Now if none of these t-shirts appeal to you and you find yourself standing hopelessly in front of your closet each morning, mentally cursing yourself because
you can’t find anything to wear, you can always throw on the clutch, “NOTHING TO WEAR” T-shirt.

T-shirts have become a form of silent communication extended by the wearer for the world to see. T-shirts are the silent rebuttal to stereotyping and wrong first impressions. Remember, at the time, the t-shirt you may be looking at may be extremely funny, or rude or even down right offensive, but you have to ask yourself, would you wear it?

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