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80sTees – The Best 80’s Pop Culture T-shirts On The Web

You seriously need to check out 80stees.com! From 80’s movies to wrestling, music, superheroes, video games, and much more, they have the best 80s t-shirt online hands down!

Who They are: 80s tees was launched in 1999 buy a guy who loves the 80s. That makes sense. Their goal is to “have something for everyone that loves retro pop culture”. I’m thinking they definitely succeeded in doing this. From Star Wars shirts, Top Gun, Karate kid, Rocky, He-Man, they have just about everything. It’s a simple idea that they came up with and they have stuck to this niche and they are killing it! The shirts are great quality and the artwork and images are amazing.

Whether your favorite cartoon is Jem and the Holograms or Robotech, or your favorite movie is The Karate Kid or Sixteen Candles, my goal is that you’ll find something you love.

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Type Of T-shirt They Use To Print

Because I Was Inverted - Top Gun 80's T-shirt
Top Gun T-shirts

This is one of the most important things for me as a t-shirt connoisseur. The graphics, images, design, etc… comes second. The design can be the best design to ever go on a shirt, but if the shirt is low quality, I don’t want it.

After doing some research at 80s tees, the shirts seem to be of pretty good quality, but they are all over the place. You really don’t get a choice of brands or even the material. You may click on a Mr. T-shirt and it’s 50% cotton / 50% polyester blend. Standard fabric softness and comes in one color. You don’t get a choice of the color or the type of shirt. Letting you know that right now. The choice in sizes is great. Everything from a small all the way up to a 5X. I did see a few shirts that only go up to 2X, but that shouldn’t be a major concern for most people. Most of their shirts seem to be up to a 5X and some shirts also give you the option of tall sizes.

Most of their shirts seem to be up to a 5X and some shirts also give you the option of tall sizes.

I have seen 4 types of shirts on the site. 100% pre shrunk cotton, 50 / 50 blend, 60% cotton / 40% polyester blend and 90% cotton / 10% polyester blend shirts. As I said, you don’t get a choice of the shirt or the color. What you see on the site is what you get.

I’m a big fan of reading reviews and almost all of them have high praise for the quality of the shirts. That kind of puts my mind to ease when I ordered a couple and I wasn’t disappointed. They have been in business now for over 20 years and this is because they have a good product.

How To Shop For 80s T-shirts On This Site

They really have a neat little option to help narrow down what you are looking for. I’ve actually never seen this on another t-shirt site, but it is pretty cool. You have 3 choices up at the top that you can select from. Size, Department or Color.

Bruce Springsteen Born In The USA 80s Retro T-shirt
80s Music T-shirts

Size: You can select anywhere from small to 7XL or select LT to 4 XLT or you can select from male, female, kids and new t-shirts. The size is pretty cool is you are a bigger size like the 7XL and it will pull up every shirt on the site offered in that size.

Department: The department is basically male, female, kids and new t-shirts. The ladies’ department has a whole bunch of different styles of shirts for the ladies’ and like the guys shirts, you don’t get a choice of color or style of shirt. Ladies could get these styles or could get a smaller guys shirt because in my opinion the guys shirts are unisex basic t-shirts.

Color: The color option is you guessed it, color of shirts. Choose black, white, gray, blue, etc… and it will show you every design / image / etc… offered in that color. Pretty straight forward.

To tell you the truth, I’m not really sure why they do it this way. I really don’t understand why they couldn’t offer their designs on different color shirts. It’s not really hard to do and it would give the customer options. But hey, it’s not my site so I can’t make the call. They do have a link to Instagram and Facebook, so if you want to send them a shout out, be my guest.

Also, they have categories on the side of the website that starts of with 80s movies, 80s cartoons, and so on. Next to each category is a down arrow. When you click on a particular category, a menu will pop up under it and give you a list of everything that is in that category and you can browse shirts like that. I clicked on 80s movies and a list of movies like Star Wars, Top Gun, Back to the Future, etc… was listed under it. Just click on the movie and a whole bunch of shirts will appear.

Don’t Like That New 80s T-shirt You Ordered? No Problem

80s tees has 2 return policies. One for U.S. customers and another for international.

U.S. policy – You have 90 days to return your t-shirt from when you received your shirt. Costumes are 3 days from when you received it. There is a form you do have to fill out on the site. Pretty straight forward and easy. If you receive your shirt and you think it’s damaged or defective, you need to call customer service immediately.

Returns for a refund can be mailed back to us via your shipping method of choice to the address above. 80sTees.com will refund the cost of the merchandise to the original method of payment. Regrettably, 80sTees.com cannot refund an order that is paid for with a personal check or money order; however, we can offer a store credit for the cost of the merchandise.

Exchanges can also be mailed back to us via your shipping method of choice to the address above. We will send the exchange item back to you via the same method your original purchase was shipped by at no additional charge. Upgraded shipping to send back your exchange is available upon request (additional rates are applicable). If there is a price difference between your exchange selection and the item you are returning you may choose to have your original method of payment charged, or provide a check or money order, for the amount.

International return: It’s basically the same as U.S. policy. You have 90 days from the day you received your t-shirt. 3 days for costumes.

If you are buying a costume and are thinking of buying it, wearing it to a party or something, and then returning it, you better think twice lol. You might want to read up on their costume return policy before you try it. The nerve of some people right!

More Than Just 80s T-shirts

80s Retro T-shirts from TV shows in the year 2000 and beyondYeah, the name of the site is 80s tees, but it has so much more. Shows from the 70’s like MASH, 90’s movies, TV shows, cartoons. Shows and movies from the 2000’s like The Office and baby Yoda from The Mandalorian. Basically a ton of stuff from different genres that you could spend hours looking at. As I said at the beginning of this article, there is literally hundreds of shirts on here that you are gonna want.

One feature I forgot to share earlier was the “search” feature. I’m a huge MASH fan and I typed in MASH and about 16 different shirts popped up. MASH t-shirts for guys and gals. I’m actually in love with 2 or 3 of them and will be ordering as soon as I’m done here.

Save time and type in what you are looking for using the “search” feature!

Is It Worth Your Time Checking Out 80s Tees?

100% most definitely! I know I mentioned a couple negatives like you really don’t get a choice for the color or the style of the shirt, but after looking at all the great shirts, it’s definitely not a deal breaker!

Check out 80s Retro T-shirts as soon as possible!

I ended up going to 80s movies / Star Wars and there are 487 options. I mean WOW, 487 different Star Wars shirts. They definitely will have something that you will like in that category. And this is pretty much true for all their categories. There are a ton of options and I really never looked at one of the shirts and thought “wow, I wish this came in another color”. Usually they color of the shirt they picked goes really well with the image. It actually kind of feels good not to sit there and over think the whole process.

Do yourself a favor and head over there ASAP. I guarantee you will love these shirts and will be amazed at some of the movies and TV shows they offer. Not to mention the other categories (Macho Man shirt is one of my favorites!) that they offer.

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